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Open103C Standard STM32 Microcontroller Development Board Kit - Blue
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- Color: Blue
- Material: FR4
- Open103Z is a STM32 development board that features a STM32F103RCT6 device as the microcontroller
- There are further expansions with various optional accessory boards for specific application
- The modular and open design makes it the ideal for starting application development with STM32F family
- Power supply switch: 5V DC or USB
- Power indicator
- LEDs: Convenient for indicating I/O status or program debugging running state
- Reset button
- User key
- Joystick: Convenient for I/O input (five positions)
- 32.768K crystal oscillator: Used for internal RTC
- 8M crystal oscillator: Enables the MCU run at 72M frequency by frequency multiplication
- 8-bit I/O Interface: easily connects to keypad, motor, etc.
- CAN Interface: Communicates with accessory board which features the CAN device conveniently
- SPI1 / SPI2 Interface: easily connects to SPI peripherals such as FLASH (AT45DBxx), SD card, MP3, etc.
- I2C1 / I2C2 Interface: easily connects to I2C peripherals such as I/O expander(PCF8574), EEPROM (AT24Cxx), etc.
- LCD port
- One wire port
- USART1 Interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232
- USART2 Interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232
- USB Port: USB communication between board and PC
- 5V DC jack
- 5V/3.3 V power input/output
- MCU pins connector: all the MCU pins are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
- JTAG/SWD interface: For debugging/programming
- Boot mode selection: for configuring the BOOT0 and BOOT1 pins
- USB enable jumper
- Short the jumper to enable the PC auto detection while USB connecting
- Open the jumper to disable
- LEDs Jumper
- Short the jumper to connect the LEDs to default I/Os
- Open the jumper to connect the LEDs to custom I/Os via DuPont wires;
- VBAT selection jumper
- Short the jumper to use system power supply
- Open the jumper to connect the VBAT to external power, such as battery
- Package includes:
- 1 x Open103Z development board
- 1 x PL2303 USB UART board
- 1 x USB type A connecting cable (90cm)
- 1 x 100~240V power adapter (US plug / 80cm cable)
- 1 x USB cable (80cm)
- 2 x 2-pin connecting cable (18cm)
- 2 x 4-pin connecting cable (18cm)
- 1 x Software CD

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