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If you drive any kind of vehicle on the road, you’ re at risk of getting a flat tire from random road debris such as bolts, screws, metal particles, glass and much more. 
Don’t blow 30-50 dollars to have one tire plugged up and patched. Get this self install tire repair kit which enables you to get this process done in 2 minutes!


The Tire Repair Kit works perfect with RV's. Stop relying on aerosol inflation products that can ruin your TPMS and tires 
or waiting for hours for your roadside assistance service. Fix your own tire just like a piece of cake!


Fixing tires can be a messy business, and for those who want to keep their hands clean, 
BIBENE tire repair kit is the ideal choice. Simply hit the nail into the leaking hole and you can keep everything clean.


Only suitable for tubeless tire with diameters higher than 42mm and the diameter of the leaking hole MUST LESS THAN 10mm. 
Please leave 2-5mm of the nail exposed into the air.

- FIX YOUR FLAT TIRE IN 2 MINUTE: This kit repairs all tubeless tire punctures in 2 minutes! No need to remove the tire from the wheel, simply just hit the nail into the leaking hole then done! Ideal for Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Trucks, and Jeeps.
- ONE REPAIR LASTS FOREVER: The nail is patented designed on Expansion Screw Principle. Under the interaction between nail and tire, the leaking hole could be completely filled on the inner wall allowing no air to escape. While the nail will last as long as your tire life and save you from fixing the tire continuously.
- PLUG AND GO: Different from the traditional repair kit, it wont limit your driving speed to wait for the nail completely insert. Just plug the nail into tire and you can leave.
- EASY OPERATION: With claw hammer and nail hammer in one, no need to figure out which tools should be the next one. Greatly save your power and time.