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KZ ES4 In Ear Monitors Armature And Dynamic Hybrid 1DD+1Ba Headset  Earphone Earbuds HiFi Bass Noise Cancelling Headphones without microphone

 Entry Level -> NO!   Professional Level -> YES!
The same 99 yuan, KZ products positioning is different from other brand products!Invites industry-renowned acoustics experts to set acoustics,because we don't want to brand this product with an Entry-level fever hat.

Quasi-professional Configuration: One Dynamic & One Balanced Armature Hybrid Driver
Not only has the dynamic shocking bass frequency but also has the balanced armature perfect high frequency.

Autonomous 10mm Dynamic Upgrade Using Graphene Flm
Sound field width is extended,significantly enhance bass intensity and texture.

New Frequency Division Scheme
carefully optimized independent frequency dividing circuit,make the sound between the dynamic and balanced armature smoother, Enhance the degree of separation and Layering of music.

Reference Sound Easily Navigate All Types Of Music
Accurate sound field positioning and High standard Restore quality,Reproduce the natural sound of three-band equalization.

Humanized Changeable Design Headsets with multiple extensions

0.75mm Gold Plated 2pin, Non-traditional Process Manufacturing.
Self-developed new 0.75mm gold-plated 2pin,Pluggable structure has an amazing 10,000+ plug test life. The average plug life of most custom type headsets is only 300-800 times.

Professional Grade Wire Scheme
Not only provides excellent sound quality signal transmission, but also has many features such as resistance to pulling,resistance to bending, and resistance tocorrosion.

Metal Memory Wire Ear Hooks
Discarding low-cost soft rubber ear hooks structure .We insist on the use of expensive metal memory wire ear hooks, convenient for users to adjust the earphone wearing according to their auricle shape and their own comfortable state.